What you can expect

"Your horoscope shows that you were created to be exactly as you are; that you cannot be blamed for who you are, and that your feelings are valid...."

  - Anne Cantrell

Life. Transitions. Relationships

"I'd just like to thank you for doing my star chart!  It was unnervingly accurate, and my mom and I had a great time reading it through..."  

Unlike the dire predictions of medieval fortune tellers, astrology today evaluates the horoscope in light of our ever present potential for growth and healing....  

  A skilled astrologer can provide valuable insight about personal patterns and cycles, to help you safely navigate any phase of life....

Since 1979 I've studied with writers and teachers of the new psychological astrology... and that is our starting point.  In consultation, we discuss the dynamic patterns in your birth chart, and see if they hold a key to your present circumstances.... Current transits point to the issues that are up for review now... helping you recognize your bestcourse of action.

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