There are periods in life marked by planetary cycles, that suggest a purpose underlying otherwise random everyday events. 

Astrological Reports

Personality Profile
A very readable horoscope report based on your date, time and place of birth.  This personally edited computer interpretation of your basic character traits is full of clues to your unique gifts and potentials.  (10+ pages)
Printed and delivered by first class mail:  $25

Current Trends
This excellent Transit Report tells you what's happening now, offering helpful insight on critical time periods throughout the year; a strategic, mindful approach to upcoming challenges.
(20+ pages)
Printed and delivered by first class mail:  $35

Compatibility Report
This comprehensive report assesses how you eachapproach relationships, as well as the strengths and challenges of this particular partnership.  (20+ pages)
Printed and delivered by first class mail:  $40

When ordering more than one service, you may deduct $10.  

For example, order both the Personality Profile and Current Trends for only $50; or the Compatibility report with Phone Consultation for only $100. 

If you'd like help understanding the times of your life, email me at, with your date, time and place of birth, to order your enlightening Astrology report.

Personal Consultations

Phone consultation
Based on my study of your birth patterns and current trends, this gives us an hour to discuss your unique situation. $70

In-Person consultation
An opportunity for an astrological evaluation of your present experience, from my interpretation of your birth chart, and current trends.  This gives us an hour and a half to discuss your concerns, providing a fresh perspective on old 'patterns'. $100

For a cosmic perspective on your current situation, email me:, with your date, time and place of birth, to schedule an appointment.