With an essentially Jungian psychological perspective, I focus on using the chart to uncover meaning and purpose in the challenges of daily life. 

I also enjoy researching astrological heredity, by studying the charts of whole families.  My affinity for astrology stems from a multilayered understanding of man's cosmic nature.  I love discovering the confluence of the spiritual and scientific.  

"Astrology, with its foundations in ancient archetypes, gives us a language to study and document the obvious links between inner and outer fields of experience."  

- Anne Cantrell 


While doing horoscope gifts for my daughter's graduating class, I realized how crucial it was not to plant seeds of self-doubt in young minds, with 'deterministic' statements about their personality.  I was inspired to go through and edit the Sirius "Cosmo Natal" software, and substitute positive, growth-oriented language wherever possible.  Presented this way, astrology offers a kind of therapeutic affirmation of who they feel themselves to be.  "Kinder Cosmo Natal", a takeoff on both meanings of the word 'kinder', is included as a selection in the suite of Sirius natal interpretation reports.