"Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm, likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche."

- C.G. Jung
"Memories, Dreams, Reflections"

What Do Planets Have to Do with People?

by Anne Cantrell

In trying to understand the nature of a causal force behind astrology, we are hampered by our mental upbringing in the lingering age of Newtonian science.  No matter how metaphysical our thinking gets, we usually can't get past the mechanistic presumption that, thoughts reside inside our head, while planets reside out there in the distant sky.   The little fact that both are merely different forms of energy (courtesy of Einstein) keeps eluding our logic. 

The Missing Link Between the Internal and External Worlds 

We intuitively accept concepts from "the Secret", like the power of thought to influence and even create our experiences;  We know theoretically that we live in a world which is really just slowed down energy (E=mc2);  We even believe in the power of prayer and intention to propagate world peace. But what we have yet to "grok" is the realtime, permanent causal link between the internal world of thought, and the external world of matter.  Because we still believe that the invisible 'spiritual' dimension is composed of a substance different than the three-dimentional (solid) world of matter, we still believe in the duality of separate 'inner' and an 'outer' worlds.  Even though Einstein revealed that they consist of the same substance, energy, that revelation doesn't really sink in. 

However, cutting edge researchers like Candace Pert, PhD ("Molecules of Emotion") are working now to break the modern mechanistic stranglehold on scientific thinking.  "The Field" by Lynne McTaggart explains a variety of new research that confirms the realtime interface between 'mind' and matter.  While astrologer Rick Levine attempts to lay out this interconnectedness in his DVD "Quantum Astrology". 

If the whole world is really made of energetic information-bearing waves, it would be only natural for scientists to be curious:  What IS a WAVE really?  I guess they are busy enough measuring and graphing every form of wave; infra-red, ultra-violet, radio waves, microwaves, light waves, brain waves.  But the real question is:  What are all those waves doing, humming and resonating all over the place???


My Theory: Planet Cycles Propagate Waves... Living Things 'Pick Them Up' 

When you think about it, all waves are bearers of information, of one kind or another.  Microwaves carry information to our cell phones:  That we understand.  But brainwaves?  Where do they get their information?  And what propagates them to begin with?  From the dynamic patterns of Astrology, we sense that some kind of waves must be generated by the spiraling cycles of the planets racing around the galaxy (like the force of wind you feel when a truck races past you), though astrophysicists have yet to graph and measure them.  The intersections of those vast vortexes of moving energy may be the power behind Astrology's "conjunctions" and "aspects". 

Science tells us that once propagated, waves go on forever, until absorbed or blocked... and we know from psychic research (see "The Field" above) that thought waves are not affected by time and distance, nor by walls or mountains.  We might conjecture then that the gravitational 'interference' created by the intersecting orbits of heavenly bodies propagates waves of 'information' (a kind of residue, or 'energy record' of the dynamic patterns of cosmic activity)... These 'interference patterns' may turn out to be what we innocuously pick up as "thoughts". 

Hmmmm... So then, how do those thought wave patterns get from outer space into our tiny little heads?  Mechanistic science avoids the question altogether.  But inquiring minds (and a few scientists) want to know.  A cardiologist, Pim van Lommel, after conducting research on cardiac arrest patients who'd had near death experiences, concluded that the brain is more like a TV 'tuner', picking up signals from the "collective consciousness".  He says "near-death experiences can only be explained if you assume that consciousness, along with all our experiences and memories, is located outsidethe brain...." 

Van Lommel goes on to say:  "I suspect there is a dimension where this information is stored - a kind of collective consciousness we tune into to gain access to our identity and our memories....  By means of this collective information field, we are not only connected to our own information, but also that of others and even the informatin from the past and future." 

Waves as Carriers of 'Information'


Dr. van Lommel's conclusion implies a pre-programmed communication bridge between mind and cosmos, a kind of built in 'download manager' (though your science teacher may still be claiming that thoughts are generated by brain chemistry alone). 

My thesis then is this:  That waves are the carriers of encoded information from the invisible world to the visible world,and back.  Otherwise, why should they be oscillating, reverberating, resonating?  The peaks and troughs of a wave are... performing what function?  Why shouldn't all waves be straight lines then instead?  (It would be more efficient...the shortest distance between two points...)  How about this:  The peak and the trough of a wave could just be the "tracking" of the wave's path of information delivery, from the invisible world to the visible world, and back!  At the peak, information is encoded from the invisible, causal plane of thought... and at the trough, the 'electronic' data is 'registered' onto the plane of three-dimensional reality.  It continues oscillating, carrying 'feedback' back to the causal dimension, as it arrives at its peak again.  (It could also be the other way around.) 

Looking at two-dimentional waves on an EEG screen, what are we looking at really?  While a person is alive, the wave pattern has peaks and troughs, conveying the activity of the brain, as it retrieves information from the invisible realm of thought, for use in the visible realm of daily life.  But at death, that wave formation turns to a "flat line", indicating that the person's active connection between the two realms has ceased.  The body no longer gets realtime information necessary for survival, from the causal plane:  The 'spirit' leaves the body. 

I'm postulating that waves give us a visible tracking of the realtime, resonating interrelationship between the invisible (spiritual) world of cause, and the visible (physical) world of effect!  The very existence of waves may be seen as validation of the intimacy of 'intelligence' to 'matter':  Rather than the brain creating thought (as in the 'brain chemistry' theory), it is 'information' that brings the brain to life.  It is patterns of data-rich waves, resonating within the structures of molecules and DNA, that support every form in existence.  And it is waves that are the ceaseless messengers of this ever present, cosmic source of 'information'. 

This 'mental download' came to me in 2007, when transiting Uranus was opposing my natal Mercury.  It is open to ongoing verification.  I would like to know of any scientific inquiry which might validate or dispute it.