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The Presence of Meaning

"The beauty of astrology is that it places us at home in the universe... not separate from it... as participants in cosmic seasons and cycles... in a life imbued with purpose."
- Anne Cantrell

Noted psychologist C.G. Jung routinely studied his clients' horoscopes to help decipher their core issues.  He observed that we all carry 'archetypes' in the unconscious, which guide and motivate our actions... He coined the term 'synchronicity' to explain the correlation between inner experience and outer events.


AstroLogical Services

An astrological reading can provide valuable perspective at any point in life... unlike the dire predictions of medieval fortune tellers, a skilled astrologer today looks at your unique potential for growth and healing...

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"Play well your part:  Therein your honor lies."
                                                  - Alexander Pope

What to Expect